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What is the effect of roof pitch on the price of your Roof Replacement?

Dec 29

Cost of roof replacement depends on many aspects. These factors include the roofing material you choose, the rest of your roof system's components, and much more.

What's the pitch on your roof? Does it impact the price of your roof replacement at all? It could surprise you.

Select Adjusters have been helping homeowners for over 10 years to understand the costs of roof replacement. The next topic is the impact of roof pitch on the price.

We'll begin by explaining the meaning of pitch for roofs. We'll then discuss how roof pitch can affect the cost of your roof replacement. The article will end by noting three additional factors which affect the cost of roof replacements based upon the design of the roof.

What's a roof pitch?

Roof pitch (also called roof slope) is the incline (angle) of the roof. The pitch of your roof is calculated by the amount of inches it rises vertically with every 12 inches it is extended horizontally.

A ratio is a type of roof pitch is written in writing, or hear from the contractor. For example, a roof that's 4 inches up to every 12 inches down is called a 4/12 pitch.

There could be multiple pitches, depending on how complicated the roof you have. It could take the form of a low slope or a different roof facet with a little more/less steepness.

Beware, I do not suggest getting up on your roof to measure its pitch. This is something you'll discover when your roofing repair Gilbert contractor shows up to inspect your roof.

What does the pitch of your roof affect the cost of roof repairs?

Now that you've had brief refresher course on the different types of roof pitches and how it affects the cost of your roof replacement. Roof pitch affects the labor and the time required to complete the work which can have a huge impact on the price of a new roof.

Roof with a steep pitch (Roof with steep pitch)

A steeper roof pitch is likely to require more time to replace. A roof that is steep like this one doesn't permit installers to access materials or move about as well as a pitch that is accessible for walking.

It's all about security and taking the appropriate precautions during installation. The more steep the roof, the more safety measures (harnesses and tying off) installers have to take when working.

This means that the labor and time cost even higher for your roof replacement. The expense of replacing a roof will always be greater if the roof is higher.

3 additional factors that affect the cost of replacing your roof besides roof pitch

Now you know how roof pitch affects the price of replacing your roof. However, that's not the only thing that affects the price.

Here are three more factors which can affect the cost of roof replacement. While there are even more elements, these three are related to the layout of a roof specifically.

Accessibility of your roof

The access point of your roof is just as it sounds; it's the access point installers use to replace your roof. Although you might not see this a major issue access to your roof is a major cost factor.

The roof's access points can be used to pull off the old roof, and then load the roof materials into a dump truck. After the material is loaded into the truck, it will then transport all the new materials onto the roof. It takes longer time and work to fix your roof when it's difficult to reach.

Due to the added time and work in the process, the price of replacement is higher. For instance, a home that has a large amount of vegetation or a fence a driveway that is far from the installers costs more than a home with a roof that is easily accessible straight off the driveway.

44 (Roof that is difficult to access)

Even though it seems like it's a minor thing, roof accessibility plays a important role in the amount of time you'll need to spend replacing your roof. It's why it's one the primary things that a roofing professional is looking for when estimating the cost of replacing your roof.

The number of holes that penetrate your roof

A roof penetration can be defined as anything that is a part of your roof. Roof vents are roof penetrations. They include plumbing vents and vents for the roof.

Roof penetrations (Roof with many openings)

The greater the number of penetrations in your roof, the more time and manpower needed to work around them to install your new roof. As with everything in this guide, additional labour and time needed to tackle them will increase the cost of replacing your roof.

The price of vents and pipes that are smaller won't be as expensive. But bigger penetrations (skylights, chimneys, etc.) take longer to flash and also to be worked around, which adds more to the price of your new roof.

The size and complexity of your roof

The most obvious cost component on this list is the size of your roof. The size of your roof is going to have a significant effect on the price.

This affects all aspects of the project, including the cost of labor and materials. While the impact of size of the roof on the cost is evident, many homeowners do not realize that the complexity of their roof impacts the price.

Roof complexity is the number of aspects, hips, valleys, and of course, the slope of your roof. The more complex your roof is and the more expensive it will be to replace it.

complex roof(Complex roof)

For instance, a roof with multiple facets on different angles and angles, such as hips, valleys and steep pitches is more complicated and takes a lot longer to replace than a simple ranch-style roof with only four or two roof facets. Also, you should consider how high above the ground your roof sits.

The higher the roofis, the greater the amount of precautions installers must take. To protect themselves they need to move slowly and with greater care as they would when working on steep slopes.

What is the price of a roofing replacement?

Now you know three additional factors that can impact the cost of replacing your roof. There are additional costs which a roofing contractor will take into consideration when estimating price of replacing your roof.

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